Thursday, September 21, 2006

Don't know what to do.

I had an interview earlier this week for my dream job. Then the latest crap with the blog. It really brought things into perspective.
I don't know about posting on a blog. There's no money in it, it is rarely fun anymore, and, to say the least, the point of it all is lost on me.
But we are engaged, right now, in a struggle of reason and liberty against religious fascism and terror. I want to take a stand in this and fight to prevent the things that we've won in the last 500 years -- representative government, religious liberty, freedom of speech, equality before the law. Yes, the West and its institutions are not perfect. But no one has come as far as we have. We cannot return to a dark age. And I believe we will if we don't take a stand against those who would make us rely on blind faith, rather than our own ability to think, to debate, and to employ empirical analysis to all the world's problems.

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