Saturday, September 30, 2006

Quebec infrastructure

The same thing happened a few years ago in the same general neighbourhood. Where does the money go? For fascist language laws and new signs for renamed streets and towns?

An overpass in Laval, Que., collapsed on Saturday, injuring five people and possibly trapping at least two others under a massive slab of concrete, police said.

Three vehicles and a motorcycle fell about 15 metres on to Highway 19 from Boulevard de la Concorde after three lanes of the overpass gave way just after noon ET.

Three of the five taken to hospital were listed in critical condition with head, chest and abdominal injuries, said André Champagne, a spokesman for the Urgences-Santé paramedics service.

Emergency crews have not been able to get underneath the rubble to reach the people believed to be trapped because they fear more of the road might collapse.

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