Friday, October 06, 2006

Ask Yer Historian

Today's take-home test:

Who killed more Muslims?

(a) Alexander the Great
(b) Pope Innocent III
(c) George H.W. Bush
(d) George W. Bush
(e) Joseph "Uncle Joe" Stalin
(f) Heinrich Himmler
(g) Saddam Hussein
(h) Moshe Dayan
(i) John II Monologue of Byzantium

Answer in a day or two. Note in my multiple choice questions, the odds of guessing right are not so hot.


Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Saddam. Were his fires in Kuwait following the spirit of the Kyoto accord?

OJ said...

Hi Ottawa Watch,

Stalin; the forced exiles from Chechnya and the famines/persecutions in central Asia killed a huge number of people.