Friday, October 20, 2006

Daddy's boy

OK, how many breaches of the Ten Commandments did Frankie Basso commit? I count four really blatant ones (stealing, coveting goods, bearing false witness [i.e. fraud], and failing to honour Mama) Maybe there's a fifth, but I'm not clear on the botched hit reference. Still, Frankie better not expect Mama to visit him in stir.


A Newmarket man pleaded guilty yesterday to stealing his cancer-ridden 70-year-old mother's home and gaining $450,000 by mortgaging the property.

He then took the money, giving some of it to a man targeted in a botched gangland murder attempt, and put his mother on the street because he didn't make the mortgage payments.

The mother, Rosa Basso, was not in court yesterday when Frank Basso, 47, entered his plea but she let her feelings be known in a victim's impact statement filed in court.

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