Monday, October 16, 2006

Fool me once...

"Ticket to heaven" sounds like the title of a bad country song. But that's what Taliban suicide bombers get. And they're real, too. They're on TV.
Meanwhile, outside the cave, the heads just keep on rollin'. I just wonder what they would have done to these poor buggers if they hadn't confessed:

Taliban chief beheads 8 'spies' working for British
Dean Nelson, Delhi, and Ghulam Hasnain, Karachi
Times of London

THE Taliban's military commander, Mullah Dadullah, has been filmed executing eight men who were accused of spying for British and American forces in Afghanistan, it was claimed last week.

In a series of clips released by Dadullah to Geo, the Pakistani television station, the Afghan men are seen confessing their crimes and then being laid out in the dust with their arms and legs bound.

According to a Taliban statement that accompanied the video, Dadullah himself is then shown hacking off their heads and placing them on the victims' torsos. The executioner's face is not shown in the footage.

The video describes the men as spies working for the "Christians and crusaders". The footage, which was released in the midst of an intensive Taliban campaign against British, American and Canadian forces, appears to be an attempt to terrify Afghans out of co-operating with the coalition.

It also highlights the Taliban's increasing use of suicide bombers, paying tribute to a number of militants who have died in such attacks and showing new suicide bomb volunteers receiving a "ticket to heaven" from Dadullah at his campaign headquarters. The footage shows a black-bearded Dadullah wearing a white salwar kameez, black robe and turban, signing each "ticket" while a clerk registers the new volunteer in a ledger.

Shots of the new bombers are followed by clips of eight men who were killed in suicide attacks between February and June this year. One of them, who is seen laughing in the film, was killed on February 24; another on May 18. Analysts said the video was at least six weeks old.

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