Saturday, October 14, 2006

Harper v. The Press Gallery

CanWest's Don Martin has a column in today's papers that is pretty much bang-on:

Now, if Press Gallery members are reeeeally pissed about losing photo-ops and cabinet outs, here's what to do (tips that are especially useful for TV reporters): Go out of the office and off the Hill, learn about one or two aspects of government very well, and cover the creation of policy and the administration of the Government of Canada. Go to Supreme Court hearings and talk to the litigants, rather than rely on spoon-feeds on judgment Thursdays. Cover the House every minute it's sitting. Report the speeches of MPs, even the ones who are not famous. Make the great debaters and the solid thinkers of all parties famous by reporting what they say about the laws that are being passed. Bird-dog the lobbyists when they do come to the Hill. Cover committees. Go to things even when a story is not a sure thing. Use the Library of Parliament. Take "little people" out for lunch. Come down from the clouds.
It will make Canada a stronger democracy. And, if you're right about Harper, you can prove it.

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