Saturday, October 28, 2006

He's their kind of guy

Unscrupulous scumbag James Carville talks to the sunscrupulous scumbags of the Ontario Liberal party:

Carville tells Liberals to put interests of people over interests of power

TORONTO (CP) - The man who ran Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign and gave political advice to British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former South African president Nelson Mandela is lending his expertise to Ontario's Liberals.

James Carville, the man known as the Ragin' Cajun, spoke to 1,200 Ontario Liberals at their annual general meeting in Toronto Saturday, the last such gathering before the party tries for re-election next October.

Carville opened by joking that based on U.S. talk radio, he expected to find the Canadian audience freezing to death while waiting in line for health care.

He then launched into a defence of Liberals, who are now going by the moniker "progressives" in the United States.

"The Conservatives are always willing to take on people in the interests of power," he told the audience.

"We should never fear to take on power in the interests of people."

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