Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How about letting them sort this out in jail

From our "break out the search warrants" file, the scum of the earth are cut off from their vile past-times. Thanks, Mr. von Erck, and keep up the good work:


TORONTO -- Members of more than 40 self-proclaimed "child loving," "pedo-sexual" websites will be looking for new homes in cyberspace after their hosting company was evicted from the Internet.

MCI WorldCom/Verizon issued a 30-day service termination notice to hosting company, Montreal-based Epifora.com, citing them for "breach of Verizon's Acceptable Use Policy" after receiving pressure from the U.S. group, Perverted Justice.

"We're loud and aggressive and we get results," says Xavier Von Erck, head of the volunteer, "citizen action" group that helps police trap predators online.

Von Erck said this will throw thousands of child lovers into web limbo Nov. 3, forcing them to look elsewhere for web space.

Epifora president John White refused comment, but in a statement on his website, he said "the material on the Epifora network does contain discussions about the ethical questions related to sexual contact with minors, but any specific counselling to commit illegal acts is in violation of the Criminal Code of Canada. Epifora, Inc. requires all of its clients to be in full compliance with all applicable laws."

The affected websites host chats, fictional stories about sex with kids and links to help single people adopt children.

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