Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ian Scott

Ian Scott, one of the country's best legal minds, would have been appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada if he hadn't been incapacitated by a stroke in 1993. Scott and Roy McMurtry were the great AG's of the late twentieth century. Today, Ian Scott died.Oct. 10, 2006. 05:23 PM


Ian Scott, the political veteran who helped orchestrate the end of the Conservative party’s 40-year-rule in Ontario and introduced North America’s first equal-pay law for women in the private sector, died today at his home in Toronto. He was 72.
First elected in 1985, the year the Liberals elbowed their way to power, Scott served as attorney general and constitutional adviser to David Peterson’s government.

He also served as solicitor general and as the minister responsible for native affairs and women’s issues in Peterson’s cabinet.

A high-profile politician with statesman-like allure, Scott was a member of the Liberal team that negotiated a formal agreement with the New Democrats, leading to the defeat of Frank Miller’s minority Conservative government.

Peterson called him “clever” and a “brilliant” advocate.

“Even his enemies liked him,” said Peterson, who described Scott as a very close adviser. “He was a utility man. There were very few issues he didn’t have his nose in.”

In addition to his hallmark pay equity legislation, Scott brought in a Freedom of Information law, and reformed Ontario’s system of family law courts.

He was also behind amendments to the Ontario Human Rights Code, which outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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