Monday, October 30, 2006

In Ottawa, "Peter" is now slang for "chicken"

Peter MacKay should have done the right thing when he made his "dog" comment. He should have aplogized, said it was a heat of the moment thing, a momentary lapse, unhealed wound, etc. He could have called her worse things. Many people have. Then he could have moved on. Instead, he lied. Too many people heard the comment and got it on tape to leave any doubt. Even more distressing, in my view, is Peter Milliken's cowardice in this. I've seen him bend a few times for the government in power. This is an abdication of his duty, another nail in the coffin of Parliament, and evidence that Milliken, a fine Speaker in so many ways, should not be re-elected:

OTTAWA — House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken has bowed out of the dispute between some Liberal MPs and Tory cabinet minister Peter MacKay, saying it's not his job to decide who's telling the truth in the tangled affair.

Milliken refused today to refer the matter to a committee for further investigation, or to demand an apology from MacKay.

Some Liberal MPs say MacKay suggested during a raucous exchange two weeks ago that his ex-girlfriend, Liberal MP Belinda Stronach, is a dog.

The remark wasn't caught by official stenographers, and audio clips of the exchange were garbled and barely audible.

MacKay, the Tory foreign affairs minister, has flatly denied making the remark, even though several Liberal colleagues of Stronach have sworn affidavits insisting they heard him.

Milliken says that under the circumstances, he's powerless to do anything.

"The remarks may or may not have been said, but it is not for the Speaker to decide where the truth lies," he declared in rejecting a question of privilege raised by the Liberals.

"I regret that the chair can offer no remedy to the House . . . I must now consider the matter closed."

Milliken did, however, appeal to MPs to work harder at maintaining decorum in the Commons, asking them to "avoid personal attacks on other members, so they do not bring themselves and this House into disrepute."


Anonymous said...

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Ottawa Watch said...

Hmmm.. anonymous... what a surprise.

Anonymous said...

MacKay did not have the floor at the time.

It's unclear from the video what exactly was said or went on, MacKay quite likely said "you already have her" and he may have gestured towards Belinda's seat. He never used the word "dog".

It's not enough evidence to hang someone. It would take more than Liberal affidavits to prove what exactly happened. "A proof is a proof..." Denying it is a smart move.

Ottawa Watch said...

Trudeau didn't have the floor when he told that MP to fuck off back in the 70s. For MacKay, saying "Yup, I said it. Things get testy in there and I'm sorry," would have done the trick. You're right, he didn't call her a dog, and, in light of the way she treated him and the Tories, the whole thing would have disappeared in a moment. Lying (many of the Press Gallery tape recorders have it clear as a bell) was the worst thing to do. Lying is never a ggod thing in politics.

Anonymous said...

MB is bang on. If he would have just fessed up, said oops and apologized, this would have been long over. But, no - he has to pretend as though it never happened. It always amazes me how often people refuse to take the course that is the simplest, the wisest and the one that would hurt them the least - by just admitting a mistake - and instead insist upon embroiling themselves in a worse mess with transparent denials. Dumb, dumb, dumb ....