Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let's make a deal

The claim that Iggy can't win because he's stalled is bogus. That only works if there's an anyone-but-Iggy movement out there. I don't see it. In fact, there would much more likely be an anyone-but-Rae or anyone-but-Brison movement, if either of them were in a position to win. Iggy's got 30% of the delegates, plus a whack of MPs, senators, party executives, riding association presidents, and other automatic delegates.
People may not know Iggy, but they don't hate him, either. The Liberals know, in their heart of hearts, that Brison and Rae come with too much baggage, that Canada does not want a Liberal Quebecois prime minister for a while, and that this isn't Gerald Kennedy's time.
Here's how I see this playing out: Rae, Brison, Dion or Kennedy realizes the first guy into the Iggy tent wins the cupie doll, the John Turner/Paul Martin heir-apparent consolation prize. The rest go home as footnotes.
So, who will make the deal? And when? Before the convention, or wait until thousands of grits shell out nearly a grand each to show up in Montreal?

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