Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Star... again

Three of the best business writers in Canada analyse the latest shake-up at the Toronto Star:

It's the first good analysis of the internal workings of the organization. The Globe missed just one point: the new editor, Fred Kuntz, is, for a job of that calibre, of below-average education and creativity, average intelligence, and endowed with outstanding levels of ruthlessness.


Anonymous said...

You kill me. You're the first to scream like a baby if someone suggests you're not the genius you think you are, then you slag Fred Kuntz quite unfairly. Have you seen what he's overseen at the K-W Record? Didn't think so. Christ you're a hypocrite.

Ottawa Watch said...

Your anonymous cheap shot about me is just silly.
As for seeing the K-W Record, it's no great shakes. It's about what a paper should be in a market that size. Kuntz is a hatchet man, a guy with no class at all, and the people at the Star rightly dread his return.