Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The stupidity of elected judges

Stop this guy at the border and send him back to do his time in Buffalo -- a short sentence, all things considered.

Report sought on U.S. judge's ruling
Offender could be barred at border


Canada's public safety minister asked yesterday for a full report about a U.S. court decision to exile a convicted sex offender and American citizen to Canada to serve three years' probation.

"And we asked for it in short order," Melisa Leclerc, spokeswoman for Stockwell Day, said. "Canada won't be a safe haven for sexual predators and criminals who committed crimes in other countries."

The request for information to the Canada Border Services Agency comes amid bafflement on both sides of the border over the recent decision ordering Malcolm Watson to return to the temporary home he shares in St. Catharines with his Canadian wife and three children.

Watson — who was fired in April from his job as a teacher at Buffalo Seminary, an all-girls' school that has 174 students between Grades 9 and 12 — was found with a 15-year-old girl in a parked car at the Galleria Mall by a security guard, court heard.


Anonymous said...

What WAS that judge thinking? Doesn't he know we only coddle our OWN criminals?

Anonymous said...

Don't need to look for any more opinions. He's a criminal, an American criminal. He can't cross the border, period. That's all.