Sunday, October 08, 2006

Today's dishonesty

Since Norman Spector's off today. I thought I'd find Today's Dishonesty myself. Turns out it fair jumped from the pages of the Toronto Star. Here, Haroon Siddiqui reduces the war against al Qaeda and its Taliban allies as to a simple matter of polls and politics. It's all marketing, acccording to Siddiqui. It doesn't matter that Afghanistan is a just and proper war, sanctioned by the UN. If the polls say the Canadian public is worried, the Liberals, unprincipled creatures that they are, should act accordingly. It's one of the more amoral pieces I've seen lately:

Toronto Star

One of the main tasks for the next Liberal party leader seems clear enough: To help end the alienation that a majority of Canadians feel from their own government on the most central issue of the age — George W. Bush's failed war on terror.

After begging off the invasion and occupation of Iraq, Canadians have also turned sour on the mission in Afghanistan.

Fifty-nine per cent believe "we cannot win" there, a new poll by Decima Research shows. More telling, three-quarters believe Bush has made the world more dangerous by spawning more terrorism.

This finding is consistent with other polls. Quebecers and those living in our major urban centres are the most skeptical.

Yet Stephen Harper is enthusiastic in backing Bush and, in fact, takes pride in violating the will of Canadians. The Prime Minister says that's leadership.

For providing just such "leadership," Tony Blair is being hounded out of office, and Silvio Berlusconi and Jose Maria Aznar have already been voted out.

It follows, then, that to win the next election — by doing well in Quebec and the urban centres — Liberals need a leader who won't easily be tarred as a Harper Lite or, worse, Bush Lite, as was John Kerry.

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