Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tough beans, birdie

This is an obvious miscarriage of justice:

BERLIN (AP) — A German court on Wednesday ordered a 70-year-old pensioner to pay the equivalent of almost $9,400 (Canadian) in damages for fatally beating a protected golden eagle that tried to snatch his dachsund.

The pensioner, who was not identified by officials at the court in Heilbronn, was walking with his wife and leashed dog in the town of Siegelsbach in southwest Germany in October 2005 when a passer-by told him the eagle — recently escaped from a private wildlife centre — was nearby.

The man went to investigate, and the eagle seized the dog. The man hit it with his stick, fatally injuring it.

The court found that the man had been warned not to approach the bird, and thus bore the bulk of the responsibility for the incident.

Wildlife officials were found partly responsible for letting the bird get away, and were ordered to pay the man $1,300 toward his veterinary expenses for treatment of the dog, which survived.

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