Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When Warren Chinchilla talks, people listen:

Today, Kinsella says, in his National Post column, that the Star is dying. He begins the sermon by talking about how he was mentored on media by Sen. Keith Davey in the good old days -- you know, back when SFH-boy wasn't considered toxic waste by the federal Liberals. One gets the idea Warnout's mouth was full during those lunch sessions.
Here's what he said about the Post to the Canadian Association of Journalists convention in 2001:

The big question, at the end of the day, is whether the National Post did what it most wanted to do - which is in some way alter or affect Canada's political scene.

Political hacks like me believe the Post had, and still has, some outstanding writers and editors. Political hacks like me loved the fact that the Post gave over so many column inches to politics - even if, for Liberals, the coverage was usually slanted. Political hacks, like me, will probably miss the Post if it goes.

But it did not do what it set out to do - which was render Canada a more politically conservative place. It did not persuade voters that only conservatives belonged in government, before they set about dismantling it. It failed at those things, utterly.

The conservative guy who created it, who was its soul, has fled to Europe and is named after a train station or something. Many of its top conservative writers and editors have been let go, or have quit. And - this is the most significant thing of all - conservative parties like the Canadian Alliance and Tories remain far less popular than they once were.

Conservatism, as a political choice, ain't dead. But its most enthusiastic champion, the National Post, probably is. It just doesn't know it yet.

(People still call this guy for quotes?)


johnny maudlin said...

I am getting ready to pick on Warren. So sue me. But in his honour, I am going to pick on him by doing my best Kinsella imitation (is that illegal?)So this me, Johnny Maudlin, impersonating Warren Kinsella, commenting on his Post column today:

"Dunno, it just seems to me Kinsella is subliminally saying the Star has gone down because he doesn't write for them. Just sayin'..."

Ottawa Watch said...

The Star isn't making as much money. But it still makes loads of dough.
There's more money down in my couch than has ever been earned by the shareholders of the National Post.
The irony of this is obvious to everyone except Kinsella.