Monday, November 13, 2006

Did someone leave the water running?

Hard to believe Harper made the mistake of putting this guy outside the tent. Bad enough the media are peddling the "Harper the Control Freak" paradigm, without one of your own -- and a relatively famous one at that -- saying the same thing. It's now becoming pretty much impossible to believe there isn't a problem in the PMO. In fact, there seems to be at least two. If Harper wants his majority, his press secretary and his chief of staff must go.


OTTAWA—Garth Turner, the Halton MP ousted from the Conservative caucus, plans to "clarify" his plans about possibly becoming Canada's first Green party MP at a news conference tomorrow.

He also says he has some "disturbing" news to convey about recent messages he's been receiving from Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office.

The normally forthright Turner, ejected as a Tory MP for alleged indiscretion in his Internet postings, was being cryptic last night about why he'd called a news conference in Ottawa for tomorrow afternoon.

But he was willing to say he was troubled by what Harper's PMO has told him about the reasons for his ouster, and he also said he wanted to discuss his potential future with the Greens.

There's additional speculation that Turner may be giving some kind of boost to Green Party Leader Elizabeth May's campaign to win the by-election in London North Centre.

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