Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hack, hack, wheez, wheez

Ontario's Liberal government, which has already broken its promise to get rid of coal-fired plants, is about to extend their demise deadline again. On behalf of fellow Ontario asthmatics, thanks, Dulltone.
You really notice those extra smog days every summer (and, last year, even in the winter) when you have asthma. Maybe it's Dulltone's way of knocking off Steven Harper and Bob Rae, who, like me, are no strangers to Ventalin.

Ontario’s power authority is recommending that the last of the province’s coal-fired plants be shut down by 2014 with half of existing capacity phased out by 2011, the Star has learned.
If the recommendation sticks, the final closing date would be seven years past the McGuinty government’s original target of 2007 and is sure to become a political lightning rod as next October’s provincial election approaches.
Industry sources said the recommendation, to be disclosed tomorrow in a discussion paper, is preliminary and could change as the Ontario Power Authority works toward release of its final integrated power system plan later this year.
Energy Minister Dwight Duncan would not comment today on the power authority’s recommendations but said emission reductions, not plant closures, should be the measure of progress.
“I think we have to change the focus,” he said.
The Ontario Medical Association says emissions from coal plants, the dirtiest form of power generation, are responsible for thousands of premature deaths across the province.

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