Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Hallowe'en

Every week or two, my dad, who lives in the Rideau Lakes area, heads to Hershey's factory store to indulge the hereditary family sweet tooth. I'm sure he's following this story with some interest:


The Hershey chocolate plant in Smiths Falls halted operations indefinitely yesterday after an ingredient was found to be contaminated by an outside source.

Staff were told not to come in for work while the company worked with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to investigate.

"Our products go through multiple quality checks during the manufacturing process," said company spokesman John Long. "During one of these checks, we identified an externally sourced ingredient that didn't meet our standards."

The plant, which employs about 500 people, will remain closed until the problem is fully confirmed and necessary corrective steps have been taken, he said.

"We expect to be back to normal operations once this is completed,"Long said.

Charles Redden, head of the union that represents Hershey workers, expected the plant to be up and running by next week.

City Coun. Wendy Alford didn't put much weight to the plant shutting down.

"When they say contamination, that can mean God only knows what," she said. "It could be somebody's fingernail is in the chocolate."

Alford had nothing but praise for Hershey.

"I think Hershey is an extremely responsible corporate citizen in Smiths Falls and North America and I have every faith in the plant manager at Hershey," she said


Another twentysomething said...

Carefull-- Hershey just recalled a bunch of candy made between late October and ealry November for salmonella poisoning!

Ottawa Watch said...

Yup. I feel a funny gurgling in my stomach...