Friday, November 10, 2006

If it walks like a shithawk and squawks like a shithawk...

MPP dumps on Grit lobby link


The link between a Toronto firm hired to lobby for Waste Management Canada and the Dalton McGuinty Liberals should worry opponents of the Carp Rd. dump expansion, says a local Tory MPP.

Warren Kinsella, a key Liberal strategist who helped run the Liberal war room in the 2003 provincial election, has registered to lobby the premier's office on behalf of WM, the owner of the Carp Rd. dump. Two other lobbyists in Kinsella's firm, Daisy Consulting Group, have also registered to lobby for WM.

Kinsella identified environmental assessments as a target area for his lobbying, according to the provincial lobbyist registry. That's a troubling sign for Nepean-Carleton Tory MPP Lisa MacLeod because the Environment Ministry has yet to approve the assessment for the Carp Rd. expansion.

"Warren Kinsella is closely tied to the premier of Ontario and the fact he has been hired to work with Waste Management on an issue that is a hot provincial topic doesn't quell the fears that I have over the expansion of our dump," said MacLeod, whose riding includes the dump.

"There is a potential that an unelected Liberal is going to have more influence on this debate than the elected members of the legislature," she said.

The premier's office said Kinsella has never met with McGuinty on the dump expansion. Jane Almeida, spokeswoman for the premier, said the government makes its environmental assessment decisions on "scientific information." She pointed to the government's recent rejection of WM plans to expand a landfill near Napanee.

"Obviously, our decision made last week dispels (MacLeod's) concerns because the WM proposal was rejected by the government," said Almeida.

A spokeswoman for Environment Minister Laurel Broten said WM pulled their proposal before it was ultimately rejected.

In an e-mail, Kinsella denied lobbying for WM on the Carp Rd. dump expansion.

"No. In no way, shape or form," wrote Kinsella. "The same answer applied to all members of our firm."

WM spokesman Wes Muir would not say what files Kinsella's firm was peddling with the province

(Then just why does Waste Management Corp need a provincial lobbyist, and just what does Kinsella do for them?)


The Space Cowboy said...

Why don't you come clean about your man-boy love affair with Jorge?

Ottawa Watch said...

Thanks for that, Winkie.
Almost as grim an image as lobbyists taking the corporate bone up the ass to make a buck.

The Space Cowboy said...

Is little Jorge a top or a bottom?

Ottawa Watch said...

Doesn't matter, really, though your homophobia is a matter of public record. Look, you don't answer the question. Just what do you do for Waste Management Inc.?

The Space Cowboy said...

I'm not Warren, dickhead. There's thousands of people who think you're a useless twat besides him.

Anonymous said...

Geez, you'd think an Environmental Site Assessment would suffice. You need more core samples and less lobbyists...

Welcome back Space Cowboy - your homophobic rants ring a little hollow given your obvious love of all things Steve Miller. Banking on a resurgence of those heady days in the late 70's are we? Oh well, better Space Cowboy than the Gangster of Love I guess.

Ottawa Watch said...

Methinks the Winky doth protest too much.

The Space Cowboy said...

Mark, you should be a man and come clean that you planted this bullshit story with your little friend Jorge to advance your bitter personal grudge against someone who is far smarter and more successful than you. I wonder what Jorge's bosses would do if they learned that he's spending valuable Quebecor resources freelancing for your ego.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, not Warren but obsessed with OW's movements in professional circles. Space Cowboy, why the seemingly irrational hate-on for this blog?

Are you a lobbyist for lobbyists or just someone with a lot of time on your hand who just happens to be literate enough to know how to press the Anonymous button?

Ottawa Watch said...

Actually, it wasn't my idea at all, but I did hear Kinsellout accused him of being a shill for me. It's a legitimate story. Just what does Kinsella do as a lobbyist for Waste Managment Inc., when he is also supposedly a political strategist for the Ontario Liberals? I don't know why lobbyists working as election campaign strategists and advisors to politicians isn't an issue at all levels of government. It has become another type of campaign contribution, one that does not bode well for democracy.
Seems a legitimate story to me. I'm glad it was raised.
I'm flattered to think Winky believes that I am the source of it and other evil in his life. Actually, it would take more time than I can spare to really do what he thinks I do.
But yes, it does seem like there are some angry people showing up here when, and only when, I give inky the mockery and scrutiny he deserves.