Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kentucky fried, with no trans fats

My books have sold well enough, but I've never had a blockbuster. I'd like to. I'd love to sell as many books and get the newspaper serialization that UK writer Tim Bowers has received lately. And maybe I will some day. But, unlike Bowers, I'd make sure I did the job right, and that I wouldn't have to give my royalties to my lawyers or to pay damages.
I've read parts of Bowers' new book on Conrad Black, and I've read Black's rebuttal. I can't verify every one of Black's points, but I know that he hit the mark on quite a few of his rebuttal targets -- his academic success, the declining situation at Canadian Breweries after his father left, the toy soldiers (Hal Jackman's schtick, not Black's. Most likely the other alleged errors of fact will be easy for Black to prove. They are the type of facts that many people would know, and would be willing to testify to. Over-all, if you're going to write that a litigious and successful man is a crook and that his wife is a sex-crazed harlot, you better (a) make sure the facts are right and (b) make sure that, if the guy's down, he can't get up. Bowers appears to have failed dramatically on (a) and certainly can't be sure about (b). Here's Black turning Bowers' hide into steak tartar in the Daily Telegraph:;jsessionid=F4BDATQ4OURDXQFIQMGSFF4AVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2006/10/29/nblack29.xml&site=5&page=0

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