Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Liberal brilliance

As I sit here at the University of Ottawa, having just graded a pile of term papers, finished a re-cap lecture on state criminality in the twentieth century, and look down the throat of term finals, I realize how friggin' brilliant the Liberals were when they set the date of their convention. It's all but impossible for an undergrad or grad students with courses to make it to Montreal this weekend. Exams begin next week. It's also pretty tough for faculty. Same holds true for the 68 million high school teachers who make up such a big chunk of rank-and-file Liberals. They have Christmas exams to deal with. And law students? Fergettit. My wife's one, and she's working 14-hour days on practice exams, moot court and the rest.
I wonder if this hurts or helps Iggy and Dion, both of whom try to appeal to the university crowd?

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