Monday, November 27, 2006

Michael Chong gets it

Michael Chong holds the same position in the Harper government that Stephane Dion held in Chretien's. Obviously, Chong was not on side when Harper made the absolutely fatal -- to Canada and to hbis own legacy -- move of playing politics with the claim of Quebec nationalists that Quebecois -- whatever they may be defined as -- are a "nation". When he quit, Chong explained in clear reasons why he is leaving Cabinet. It was the honorable thing, the right thing, to do.

"(The Harper resolution) is nothing else but the recognition of ethnic nationalism, and that is something I cannot support. It cannot be interpreted as the recognition of a territorial nationalism, or it does not refer to the geographic entity, but to a group of people."


Anh Khoi Do said...

Even though I'm a federalist, I'll rather not jump to hasty conclusion for the moment. By reading today's edition of Le Devoir newspaper (November 28, 2006), we can see that a journalist from Montreal's English-speaking newspaper The Gazette asked Transportation minister Lawrence Cannon if the word "Québécois" refers to "all people who live in Quebec regardless of their ethnic heritage". As strange as it might look, Cannon gave an odd answer by saying "no" and he added that "Quebeckers" are forming the result of the French colonization of Eastern Canada.

Cannon also mentionned that the definition of the word "Quebeckers" doesn't refer to everybody who lives in Quebec, because according to him, "it is pointless to force people to relate themselves to this thing (the word "Quebecker")". Afterwards, we can see in the article that Cannon (who also considers himself as a Quebecker, although he's an anglophone) contradicts himself by accusing the Bloc Québécois to advocate ethnic-based nationalism. Hats off to Michael Chong who saw the contradiction.

To be very honest with you, former Intergovernmental Affairs minister Michael Chong certainly did the good thing, because a very vague, confusing and dim discourse is standing behind the "definition" of the word "Quebecker". After reading the motion, we still don't know what on earth is a "Quebecker". Secondly, Michael Chong also saw the manipulation that is being done by the separatists, because these people didn't dare to call Quebec as a country in the House of Commons! In fact, as far as we know, a nation is a political unit formed by citizens (regardless of their ethnic belonging), besides sharing a common culture and history, that is inhabiting on a specific territory controlled by a central government that maintains the law and order. In other words, a nation is a group of people that inhabits in a country. Quebec is a province from the Canadian nation, because Quebec doesn't possess a central government despite the pretention that are made.

Anonymous said...

Mister Ahn Khoi

Jean Charest is the prime minister of the central government of which nation?

The Quebec nation includes all human being living on the Quebec nation territory.

The Quebec nation includes everyone, no matter your age, regions, language, religion or where your grand-parents are born.

On the other hand, the Canadian nation is based on ethnicity and ‘Canadians’ are forming the result of the descendant of American loyalist to the British Crown.

Do you see where this is going?

And Mister Ahn Khoi

It might look intellectual to say that you read Le Devoir. But considering your comments, I’m sure you read the federal government subsidised La Presse more often and that you read the Globe and Mail and the National Post a lot.

But why are you so against Quebec independence. Are you benefiting personally from the Quebec nation economic repression by the federal government?

Nice Blog Mister Bourrie

Your Human Brother

Ottawa Watch said...

Yup. LeDevoir gets no ad money from the Quebec government. And Lucifer Bouichard was right when he said Canada is not a nation.
In any first-world country, most people would think the above post is a put-on, but in Canada it may well be the real thing.
Our anonymous friend is illiterate and stupid in both official languages, by the looks of things. He obviously has no idea of what Canada is, and relies on the historic platitudes learned from the propaganda that passes for social studies in Quebec's third-rate school system.
No one seems to wonder why the two best universities in Montreal are English, why U de M and Laval have sunk to garbage schools, and why Quebec's Universite de Quebec system is nothing more than a collection of glorified high schools.