Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More muncipal election

First, poor Adam Vaughan. Poor, poor Adam Vaughan.
Second, I tuned into the local CBC station and heard a long interview with Toronto mayor David Miller. It's over now, and someone's yammering about penises. That's the CBC these days.
Miller is a pretty smart guy. He'd probably make quite a good premier, but he's smart to stay in Toronto. That city has some serious, serious challenges, and Miller's right to demand more money from the feds and the province. Toronto's lucky to have Miller, after years of Mel Lastman, who was slightly worse than having no mayor at all. Physically, Toronto is starting to look like hell. It is starting to show the first signs of hollowing out, with serious problems in the downtown. But there are some signs of a turn-around. Regent Park is being torn down and rebuilt, there's some signs of life on the east waterfront (other than on Winner's Circle and other pretentious parts of the Beaches), and Miller's pried some money out of the feds for immigration services.
The struggle will be against the provincial Liberals, who had hoped to turn city councils in Ottawa and Toronto into branch operations. They -- and their puppets -- started high in the polls, but, on election day, got their asses handed to them in many municipalities across the province. Bodes well for the 2007 provincial election.

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