Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One of those days

Sorry not to be posting much. I'm trying to get the fossil hobby/business into winter mode and catch up on journalism that is falling behind.

Did you ever have one of thnose days that clipped along nicely until, at some point, a gear was shifted somewhere in the universe and everything went completely screwy? I had a day like that. Nothing serious, but lots of misplaced car keys, money left on the table at home instead of shoved in wallet, dead batteries, crying kids, etc. And it started out so well.

I heard Jane Doe at the University of Ottawa before the day collapsed. She's the woman who successfully sued the Toronto cops for using her as "rape bait". She made some good points about the way the justice system treats women who have been attacked, but her conclusions are pretty wonky. In Jane Does's world, there would be no forensic tests for rape. There would be no trials as we know them. A woman's word would be evidence enough. And there's a word for the kind of society where the word of a select group is enough to convict: tyranny.

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