Friday, November 03, 2006

Roll up another one...

If this guy was taking tranquilizers, Demerol, or many of the other prescription drugs that make you ripped to the tits, the papers wouldn't report on it. York University gives a prof a place to use medicinal marijuana, and it makes the Toronto Star. People are still being awfully silly about pot in a province where liquor stores are now open Sundays and until 10 p.m. so anyone who feels the need and who has the money can get shitfaced 24/7. I probably covered 30 murders in which the killer was drunk. I never covered one where the murderer was high on pot. I suspect workers in womens' shelters could tell you many, many stories about ugly drunks who beat their wives, but don't see many who were mauled by men who were stoned on pot. That, in itself, is reason enough to support legalization. And if women have the right to decide about abortion, in the name of having control over theirr own bodies, why shouldn't pot smokers have control over what they put into their lungs?
In this case, pot helps the guy with a dreadful disease. It doesn't even matter to me if the science backs him up. If he feels it relieves his suffering, I will not presume to argue:

York University is cool with a criminology professor smoking pot on campus.
Brian MacLean will get his own private, ventillated room beginning Monday after the school agreed to accommodate his use of medical marijuana for a severe form of degenerative arthritis.
The move by York follows the lead of the University of Toronto, which in September gave a philosophy professor with an undisclosed medical condition the go-ahead to spark up in a room assigned to him for the same purpose.
“We take it seriously because we pride ourselves on trying to be progressive in terms of the way that we approach people with disabilities,” York spokesperson Alex Bilyk said in an interview today.
“A person wants to be a functioning member of society and in order to do that certain people need different types of medical accommodation.”

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