Monday, November 13, 2006

Yea, right, whatever

Giuliani won't run for president. He tested the waters for Seante in 2000, then begged off. He chickened out for running for re-election for mayor. New York mayors have never done well nationally, though Rudy might -- might -- balance a John McCain ticket, though I'm not sure McCain would take the risk. My bet for 2008: there will be at least one African-American on a national ticket, and maybe two: Obama and Powell.

Former New York mayor and possible 2008 presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani has downplayed the Democrats' US election sweep of last week, describing the outcome as "real close."
"I don't see this election, any more than the one two years ago or the one four years ago, as a defining election," the New York Times quoted Giuliani as saying over the weekend in a speech at Pennsylvania's Wilkes University.
Giuliani dodged questions on his presidential ambitions, saying he expected to make a decision next year on whether or not to run. "I haven't made up my mind, nor has anybody else," he was quoted as saying.

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