Saturday, December 02, 2006

I was wrong

So Buffalo Bob couldn't go the distance. I should have known. He's always been such a disappointment.
I see that Bob could not endorse Count Ignatieff, whose great-grandfather organized the Czars' pogroms. I must give him credit for that. Nor could he endorse Stephane Dion, perhaps because Dion looks too much like Rocky the Flying Squirrel but is far more difficult to understand. Dion would be the third straight Montreal Franco leader. How 'bout that Liberal diversity?
I severely doubt Stephen Harper will lose sleep over Dion or Ignatieff. If this convention shows anything, it's how weak -- how terribly shallow -- the pool of candidates was. Ignatieff: an obviously-scarred charter member of the Lucky Sperm Club; Bob Rae, a similarly damaged man from the same Rockcliffe Liberal elite; Stephane Dion, son of the guy who developed the "knife to the throat" Quebec "negotiation" strategy, a man who can barely speak English and is pedantic in both official languages; Ken Dryden, the best mind of the lot, whose inability to project to televison doomed him from the start; and Gerrard Kennedy, a skilled organizer whose reach has always exceeded his grasp, and who is now left with hands full of ashes. As for the rest, they're all punchlines at best.
So, in a country of 30 million people, these are the hairballs coughed up by the Natural Governing Party, its 300,000 paid-up members, and the elites that support it.
Not pretty.
Welcome to the Tory Century, whether you like it or not.

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