Saturday, December 09, 2006

My New Year's Resolution

I think Jon Stewart's right. Blogging is so 2005!
Seems people only comment when Kinsella's mentioned. Lord, hardly a reason to waste an hour or so a day. So many blogs, so few worth reading. And it's easy to come across negative.
So, some happy thoughts as the year, and the blog, come to a close:

1. Happy 3d BD, Meg!
2. Ottawa's downtown is beautiful at night. Anyone close by should go see it.
3. My step-mom-in-law is off to China for a week. Have fun, MFG.
4. MVDW is in exam mode, and still seems to still love law school. Unlike Joe Clark, she will pass Property.
5. I haven't taken the time to congratulate Kady on landing her new job. My bet: Ottawa Bureau Chief in 2010. No one knows Ottawa like Kady.


Anonymous said...

Too bad, thanks for the blogging Bourrie. Sometimes you nail it perfectly. Best wishes to you and your family this Christmas, all the best in the future.

David said...

Ooooo that's a good resolution to start 2007 with. I'm going for the whole "less work, more play" angle. You should enter yours over here: Who couldn't use a free night out?