Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My PM ratings revisited

A few people have written, asking me to explain what I meant when I said we've only had three great PMs.
So, here's my take on our PMs.

Stephen Harper: Too soon to say. Hampered by weak cabinet.
Paul Martin: Tool.
Jean Chretien: Fool. Possibly the most corrupt in Canadian history.
Kim Campbell: Too brief a term to rate.
Brian Mulroney: Disaster, possibly corrupt.
John Turner: Too brief a term to rate.
Pierre Trudeau: Disaster. Lacked focus, staying power on most issues, especially economic.
Lester Pearson: Brilliant diplomat, disaster as PM. Could have been worse with majority.
John Diefenbaker: Insane.
Louis St. Laurent: No friend of civil liberties. Competent, no better.
WLM King: Brilliant, careful, utterly successful as a PM.
R.B. Bennett: Cursed by God. Did better than could be expected, considering he was elected at the beginning of the Depression.

-- PMs who served before the Statute of Westminster of 1931 are harder to rate because they had limited powers, especially in foreign affairs. --

Arthur Meighen: Played way out of his league. Was in Senate by the time he was ready to be PM.
Robert Borden: Capable, very solid, unimaginative and not bold when boldness could have saved lives.
Wilfrid Laurier: Possibly at least slightly corrupt. Adequate.No one remembers any Laurier achievements.
Charles Tupper: Too brief a term to rate.
John Thomson: Gifted lawyer, youthful prodigy. Very principled. Possible greatness, had he lived.
John Abbott: Caretaker, more concerned with simultaneous job as senator, Mayor of Montreal.
Mackenzie Bowell: Head of the Orange Lodge. Proto-fascist.
Sir John A. Macdonald: Corrupt, even, perhaps, more than was normal for the time. Played the Brits well, blew off the Americans. Still, did well with the limited powers he had.


ppm said...

Chretien's legacy, Canada ranked 15th, right behind Uruguay and Vietnam in Corruption Index. Thanks 'tit crooked arsehole! :(((((

Canada's image scarred by sponsorship scandal


Globe and Mail Update

Canada failed to crack the top 10 list of countries perceived to be the least corrupt, according to the results of a new international survey that suggests the sponsorship scandal has scarred our squeaky-clean image.

The inaugural Gallup Worldwide Corruption Index found that Canada ranked 15th, right behind Uruguay and Vietnam but just ahead of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Canadians gave themselves high marks on everything from the economy to health to law and order, but a failing grade on the nation's leadership, which gauges a population's confidence and satisfaction with social institutions.

"These results are based solely on public opinion data, not on expert evaluations," said Steve Crabtree, an analyst with Gallup. "It is the subjective perception of that population at that point in time."


Ty said...

Hey, interesting view, but something strange: You say Chretien is the most corrupt, but no real "personal" corruption, aside from Shawinigate was discovered, yet his Cabinet was very corrupt. Yet, if you use that standard, Borden was far more corrupt, considering his cabinet. While the 93-03 Liberals may have embezzled money, at least they didn't intentionally give soldiers terrible armaments and equipment in a major war.

Ottawa Watch said...

It's pretty obvious to me that the culture of corruption in the Liberals started at the highest levels of the party. Anyone who understood the finances of the Quebec wing of the federal Liberals must have known.
As for Shawinigate, I doubt there was a personal kickback. I think that was typical back-scratching and pork-barreling.

Anonymous said...

Where is Alexander MacKenzie?

Ottawa Watch said...

Well, damn shit Jesus H. Christ! How could I miss the old Masonic bastard! I did the list off the top of my head. I pride myself on doing that party trick RIGHT!
I'd give him the exact rating as R.B. Bennett. Fucked by destiny, Macdonald and a Depression.