Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Next Great Prime Minister

Up until a few days ago, the CBC web site had a heading, "The Next Great Prime Minister", and a picture of St. Pierre Trudeau, patron of arrest without warrant and detention without trial. Now, the picture's been changed. The leering mug is now the image of Brian "The Pasta Man" Mulroney As civil service comic Dave Broadfoot once put it, Muldoon left office with a 9 per cent approval rating, then, mere months later, had the gall to launch a $50 million lawsuit against the Canadian taxpayer for damage to his reputation.
The Next Great Prime Minister indeed. In 140 years, we've only had, at most, three that weren't insane, corrupt or bone stupid, and usually with at least two out of three of those failings.
(But for you provincialists, the list of truly capable premiers is pretty short, too.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe Canadian voters, having no shortage of insanity, corruption and bone stupidity among themselves, are very well democratically represented by their electees. From this weekend's results in Alberta and Montreal, it seems charisma may be politically out of fashion. A good sign? Progress?

Ottawa Watch said...

Maybe. Smooth-talking people with easy answers are nothing but trouble. I think, though, most people won't like Dion when they get to know him. He's a mean, intolerant little prick. I soubt very much he'll connect with Canadian voters. The only thing they can really do is package him as an anti-politician, and I doubt that will fly.