Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rae Takes It

I had hoped the Liberal leadership vote would end on one ballot, at 1 a.m. Eastern (4 a.m. Pacific) this morning, just to screw things up. This result is even more comical. Ignatieff, the Next Philosopher King, the heir-apparent, with all of the muscle of David Smith's machine (bu-bye, Dave) behind him, died like a dog last night. He won less than 30% of the vote. I hear Cambridge, Mass., is nice this time of year, much more agreeable than Ottawa.
Joe Volpe (insert rat and endangered ship analogy here), went to Rae last night, taking his handful of Italo-Canadian ethnic vote dealers with him. Dion and Kennedy have neither enough support to break out and win, nor enough to be, on their own, kingmaker. Every slimeball Liberal hack is running for his wild strawberry extract and tapered plugs. It's going to take some fine footwork for the various lobbyists, backroomers, ratfuc*ers, and the like to do enough, on their own, to win a spot in Rae's inner circle.
Rae will make a fine Leader of the Opposition. He will never be Prime Minister.
I suspect Harper rolled over and slept soundly when he heard those numbers.
I didn't think we'd have a spring election. Now I know we will.

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ppm said...

Let's just say you'll never be a poler. ;-) So it looks like Dion has a shot, if so, Harper's got it again! Canadians are sick of "Quebecois" PM's and especially Chretien people. This is great news. If Iggy pulls it off, Harper could lose.