Friday, December 08, 2006

Same Sex Marriage

I've always thought same sex marriage was right up there with women's right to go topless as one of those silly things that scare the easily-troubled but really are no big deal. As far as I'm concerned, any adult human should be able to marry any other freely consenting adult human. Polygamy? Go for it, but don't come crying to me if things don't work out and all your wives synchronise their PMS. Marry your cousin? No sweat off my back, but don't blame me for doing a double take. Marry a kid, a hermit crab, a bald eagle or a dog? No. They can't give willing and informed consent, you pervert
There's an over-abundance of loneliness in the world and a chronic shortage of happiness. If a couple of grown men or grown women, or a gaggle of them, for that matter, are honestly happy together, fine by me.
I suspect, in the end, the number of gay and lesbian couples won't change. The freedom to be together in open relationships has been around a long time. It's an ingrained part of Canadian culture, as it is pretty much everywhere else in the Western world. If they want to be married, with the legal responsibilities and pitfalls involved, fine by me. And if the Roman Catholics and Presbyterians won't perform the service, well, that's the price of freedom of religion.
I'm glad Harper says this is now a dead issue. Now maybe they can spend time on real problems, instead of straw men.

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