Sunday, December 03, 2006

Whither Quebec?

Well, I mean, could I think of a more dull headline? But, says I, these are dull times. We have a smart, somewhat tricky, and rather dull Prime Minister. We have a federal cabinet that is not only dull, it's poweless and speaks only in platitudes. And now we have a dull leader of the Opposition. The NDP leader is dull. The press is dull. Now that Quebec is a "nation", the locus ofg power has shifted, probably forever, from Ottawa to the provincial capitals. Maybe that was the plan after all.
So, what does Ottawa do? Well, it deploys a few thousand soldiers. It sends money to basket-case countries. It sends money to the provinces, which spend it on things that count: education, health, services for the poor. It makes criminal law, but I can't think of anything that's now legal that needs to be made illegal. It sets immigration quotas, but smart immigrants are always welcome and the rest know the magic word "refugee". It sets rules for banks. I just got a statement from the Canadian Tire Bank. It owns a TV network that no one watches, except for hockey, and that network soon won't even have shinny. It meddles in environment, mostly by adding to global warming with hot air. It gives money to some farmers. It pesters the Indians, who retaliate by suing. It delivers the mail, almost all of which I don't need or want.
Now the drama is gone. Even the next election will be dull.
Time to write a book or something.

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