Monday, December 04, 2006


I see Wikipedia has finally taken down the hatchet job that was written about a friend of mine. Seems rather appropriate that, this morning, I marked a really good history term paper that suffered from having Wikipedia as a main source, including a quoted paragraph. I ended up reducing the grade from an A+ to an A- (it really was a beautifully-written paper) and told the student to use real books and articles as sources when writing history. Wikipedia is proof that 10,000,000 monkeys with typewriters will not come up with the works of Shakespeare. In fact, a million thwarted wanna-be writers, second-string grad students and know-it-all undergrads have produced something that is, at best, a guide to further research and, at worst -- and especially in its Canadian political entries -- a mish-mash of score-settling, conventional leftist wisdom, and some tall-poppy cutting.

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Anonymous said...

Check out Matthew Fraser's self-written b.j. on Wikipedia. It's the epitome of self-flagellation.