Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Your "Idiot Tax" Money at Work

Here are some recent Trillium Fund grants, a mere pittance of the cash from the suckers who buy lottery tickets. The rest, of course, goes into the general revenue account. Now, I've seen Penetanguishene's Sports Hall of Fame, and if you want to see a good picture of Brian Orser and a few local athletes, there ya go. The whole thing isn't worth five bucks. HT to Tikiliberationfront.

Somali Canadian Women's Association c/o The Arab Community Centre of Toronto$58,300 over two years for a community kitchen initiative. This will help reduce social isolation among East African women in South Etobicoke, grow volunteer leadership to sustain the kitchen and evaluate the model for other high-need communities.

Toronto Vegetarian Association$156,500 over three years to support a volunteer development initiative that will build the organization’s capacity to provide communities with information and support related to vegetarian issues and healthy eating.

Caribbean Tales (grant has citywide impact)$150,000 over two years to produce three media-based educational products rooted in Caribbean-Canadian storytelling, including the production of "A Winter Tale". Subjects addressed will include gun violence, racism or multiculturalism.

Town of Penetanguishene c/o Penetanguishene Sports Hall of Fame$134,600 over two years to create, care for and exhibit the sports history of Penetanguishene and its heroes. Funding will also support the creation of educational and marketing materials for the newly constructed Hall of Fame.

Canadian Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association, Toronto Division c/o Canadian Electric Wheelchair Association$115,000 over three years to stabilize the organization's operations and expand its volunteer and fundraising capacity in order to expand the wheelchair-hockey league and increase the number of participants.

Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble (grant has citywide impact)$90,000 over three years to increase organizational effectiveness and expand the reach of the company's creative educational programming, increasing awareness and understanding of Aboriginal history and communities.

Acton Aqua Ducks$75,500 over four years to enable the group to implement revenue replacement strategies that include increased sponsorships, the development of a novice swim team and CPR courses.

Théâtre de la Vieille 17$175,000 over three years to develop, create and deliver two French theatre projects in three regions, encouraging strong, sustainable partnerships between the participating organizations and individuals.

Women's Habitat of Etobicoke$100,000 over six months to create an accessible entrance and washrooms at this outreach facility located in Etobicoke, helping to improve access to services for women and their families who want to live free from violence.

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