Monday, January 29, 2007

Cheapening the Holocaust

Stephan Dion and his handlers think it's cute to call Stephen Harper a "climate change denier", and, when reporters in the scrum ask him if he's paralleling climate change to the Holocaust, immediately goes into weasel mode:

Reporter's question:
You're using the term climate change denier. Is that akin to equating disagreeing with you on Kyoto with denying the Holocaust?

Hon. St├ęphane Dion:
No, no. That the prime minister is denying climate change. He said that many times. He was opposed to any initiative the Liberal government did in the past. He threatened the government to go in election because we wanted to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.
He's still a denier regarding climate change.

Now, here's how it should be done: straight, with facts, concise. Liberal environment critic David McGuinty knows his file:

Mr. McGuinty, the UN Climate Change Report is coming out Friday. How important of a report is this for policy makers?

David McGuinty:
It's going to be an extraordinarily important report because it's going to tell us, I'm sure that the situation is actually more grave than we actually thought it was. It's going to tell us that the last 12 months has been a colossal waste of time. The government does not consider environment a priority. It's not in the Throne Speech.
It's not in the economic update. It wasn't one of their so-called five priorities. We know and Canadians know even this new Clean Air Act was not required. We could have regulated greenhouse gases under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act from the beginning and this farce of a game, Bill C-30 could have been stopped and we could be moving now to regulate greenhouse gases.

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