Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Harper on Kyoto, 2002

From Maclean's rapidly-improving web page comes a CP story on Harper's 2002 letter on on the Kyoto accord, sent out when Harper was leader of the Canadian Alliance.
Maybe he should have stuck to his guns so we could have a real, adult, informed discussion on climate change instead of the damned juvenile posturing I seee in Parliament and on TV.
I'm going to be a heretic and say I agree with Harper about the carbon credit scheme, another one of Maurice Strong's bizarre schemes to transfer cash from wealthy countries to the third world. What do you think these countries will do with that money? My guess: use part of it to build more factories and stimulate economic growth so their citizens have more cars, need more electricity, burn more fossil fuels.
The science on Kyoto is still shaky. Yes, there is some very distressing climate change. The climate, however, is always evolving. What's the base line? The 1930s, with its years of prairie drought and hard winters? The mid-19th century, which was the end of the Little Ice Age? The early 13th century, when the Little Ice Age began and the world was warmer than it is now? Roman times, when North Africa was far wetter and was the breadbasket of Rome?
I want to read several good, objective books discussing the impact of man on the climate. Feel free to list some in the comments section.

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