Monday, January 29, 2007

The Passed Torch

Looking frail, old and very well-taylored, Allan Fotheringham just came into the press gallery office. Older journos are a reminder to me how tenuous is just about any "media heavy"'s existence. A change in management, the whim of an editor, and you're gone. Not just as a columnist, Hill reporter or an employee. You, as a person, are nothing in political reporting. Your place in the hierarchy, and the interest of many "friends", depends solely on your position, which is rarely earned and is always in someone else's gift. And, with gthe sorry state of media, most journos have no chance of finding a new job if they lose the ones they have. At best, like so many other Hill reporters, they might find work as a lobbyist or shilling as a PR person at a government agency. Not exactly glory. That's why I've believed it's so important to be able to do other things. People may laugh at the bug below and mock me for posting it, but it's worth about $5,000. Even better, to make that five grand (in equity. It's not for sale), I didn't have to kiss anyone's ass or watch every word I've said and written. I've sometimes stepped on my own toes, but it feels good to be free.

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