Monday, January 29, 2007

QP: Day 1

Pre QP Highlights:

Watching Ralph Goodale praise Joni Mitchel, listing her greatest hits and the bands she's been connected with and inspired, makes me wonder if maybe Ralph had another life. The mental picture of Ralph grooving to Joni is one that just doesn't -- or shouldn't -- stick long in my mind.

* * *

Good news and bad news for Ken Dryden:
They're retiring his hockey sweater number.
And Dion made remarks about it in h'Englush.

* * *

Here's the gist of the leader's round of questions:

QP starts with a Dion-Iggy left hook on Harper's environment policy, answered by Harper and Baird (the only two people who are allowed to make statements of substance).

Dion to Harper (in French): Do humans create gasses that create climate change?
Harper: Yup. And the Tories, unlike the Libs, will spend to fix the problem.

Dion: "Will 'Arper admit he's a climate change denyer?

Harper: You not only have to believe something, then do something about it. "This member, when in government, signed the Ktoto protocal, then did nothing to get it done."

Dion: When he was in opposition, PM did everything he could to stop climate change initiatives...

Harper: The Liberals did nothing, had no initiatives.

Iggy: Will Canada work with international partners to develop long-term and binding plan?

Baird: Yes. "But it also takes real action in Canada..."

* * *

Duceppe raises a question on the Boeing contract: Where's Quebec's 60% of the spin-offs?

Harper: Government does not intend to interfere in the distribution of contract work.

Duceppe: But there was no call for bids? Ontario's auto industry is protected. Why should Quebece not have its 60%?

Harper: Boeing was the only company that could meet the specs. If Quebec becomes independent, Quebec won't get any spin-offs.

Duceppe: We'll see, after we get independence.

Maxime Bernier, in pink shirt and tie: There will be work for everyone. "This government will not interfere in private contracts."

* * *

Jack Layton, in French: Will the government speed things up in the special committee to do something about climate change?

Harper: We are taking action.

Layton: Tory ideas drawn from the terrible record opf the previous administration. Both the Liberfals and the NDP brought more than 40 witnesses to the committee. They should get a delay of game penalty.

Harper: Lists off the money spent on various environment initiatives.

The CBC's take on it, which is pretty accurate. Here's CP's take via the Globe and Mail.

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