Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today's scoops

Bernard Roy, former Chief of Staff to Briam Mulroney and chief counsel at the Gomery Inquiry, has been appointed to head the Montreal Port Authority.
The announcement hasn't been officially announced, but word is spreading on the Hill.

* * *

While none of the Opposition parties in the House seem too interested in corruption, the Senate will be asked in mid-week to look into the issue of Brian Mulroney's acceptance of $300,000 in cash from Airbus Karl-Heinz Schreiber for consulting about a "pasta business". Schreiber is still fighting extradition to Germany, where he's wanted for his role in a bribery scandal that destroyed the Christian Democrat government and ended the career of Helmut Kohl. Schreiber's bail is guaranteed by, among others, former Trudeau finance minister Marc Lalonde and retired Tory minister Elmer McKay, who's father of foreign minister Peter McKay.

Such a small world.


Tom said...

Chancellor Kohl's carrier did not end because of a bribery scandal but got not re-elected after being chancellor 16 years. Nobody ever claimed bribery in connection with Dr. Kohl. What you have in mind refers to party financing where a donator personally well known to Dr. Kohl after an evening election campaigning speech handed him over a cash amount of equivalent USD250,000 and asked not to disclose his name because of family reasons. Dr. Kohl accepted (had no new party financing rules in mind), forwarded that amount to his party cashier immediately. When the new Social Democrat government came in power and Mr. Kohl honestly made public his acceptance of cash money Mr. Schroder's party wanted the donator's name made public for obvious reasons. Dr. Kohl refused to disclose the donator's name to the German parliament authority. For that he got punished and paid Euro 700,000 from his out money he had not at that time but found wealthy donators who made their donations public. One of them, a newspaper tycoon and member of the Social Democrats of Kohl's successor Mr. Schroder, was even expelled from membership.

Tom said...

last line should read "Social Democratic Party memmbership".

Tom said...