Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Frank Magazine

What's up with Frank Magazine selling its e-Frank subscription list and, I hear, its print sub list, too? I just hope they're not shopping it around to the newsrooms and cubicle warrens of the nation. It seemed strange when they started burning their sources of gossip in the post-Fabrice era, something I blame on Michael Bate spending too much time in Tuscany while his $400-a-week "reporter" took up the slack and began settling his personal scores in Ottawa. Seems a lot of people who were sending anonymous tips were, in fact, getting torched.
Me, I've always resisted Bate's urgings to sell out my friends. That never stopped anyone from saying I was. Now I'm glad that I resisted Bate's invitations.
So, just a word to the wise: beware.
If you want to buy Frank, get it anonymously in a mag shop, or, better yet, leaf through it in the store or borrow it from someone dumb enough to shell out the outlandish $5 price tag.


Anonymous said...

Better yet, get a sub to the Halifax Frank. They don't sell their sub list and their issue price is just $2.50

Ottawa Watch said...

Yea, but I don't know anything about Halifax. The gossip would be lost on me.
Most of the people in Ottawa who are trashed by Frank are people I know, or am familiar with. Frank tends to have two main targets these days: people who aren't lefties, and the dead.