Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Free the Chicago One

He's been stripped of the newspapers, like the Daily Telegraph and the Jerusalem Post, that he raised from the gutter. He's been vilified in the press, snubbed by many of the people he's enriched, and mocked by the Canadian liberal media and political elites.
Conrad Black lived large. That was no secret to anyone who bought stocks in his companies. When you bought Hollinger, you bought a piece of Conrad Black, of Barbara Amiel, of the glamour, the lifestyle and the love of great newspapers. Those who claim otherwise are opportunists who hoped, by bringing Black down, they could make big capital gains. Have they? No.
Now the papers are in the hands of lesser people. Invariably, they suck. They don't make much money. There is no likelihood of expansion, of another National Post, of the re-creation of those times when Black stood journalism in Canada and the UK on its ear.
Should he go to jail? No.

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