Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Health care? That's provincial.

Long ago and far away, the quality of health care was Canada's Number One Priority. It was top of all the polls. And it was a major issue in two federal elections.
Stephen Harper made it one of his Top Five Priorities. Arguably, it was the only priority the government never dealt with. Now there are new polls and new priorites. At the Canadian Club meeting today in Ottawa, condensed in a PMO press release, Harper outlines the five priorities of 2007:

Further tax reductions as part of a comprehensive economic agenda;

Continued steps to tackle crime;

Further strengthening Canada’s global image and rebuilding the Canadian Forces;

Strengthening the federation by addressing Senate reform and fiscal balance with the provinces; and

Clear, decisive steps to protect our environment.

During his speech, Prime Minister Harper announced the government’s intention to legislate a ‘tax back’ guarantee. “In the future, as the federal government pays down national debt, it will be required to use the interest savings to cut personal taxes for hardworking Canadians,” he said.

The Prime Minister also told the audience that Canada’s New Government will continue its efforts to develop a pragmatic and effective policy to protect and improve the environment. “The fundamental challenge of our time is to make real progress on environmental protection while preserving jobs and standards of living,” the Prime Minister stated.

Try not to get sick this year, folks.

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