Friday, February 02, 2007

Jack Layton's plan

Jack Layton has a plan for destroying the economy, er, fixing global warming. It all sounds great, but Jack (who, with his wife, pull in upwards of $300K a year in tax dollars) is really suggesting the dismantling of the oil industry and the killing-off of what's left of Canadian industry:

Jack Layton:
Well, the first thing we need to do is honor our Kyoto obligations and then we have got to get to work on achieving them and we should start, we should begin by canceling the $1.4 billion we are shoveling into the coffers of the most profitable and most polluting companies in the world and that is a place to start because it would then give us resources to invest in solutions like renovating people's homes, like bringing renewable energy and helping everybody to burn less. We also need the kinds of rules and regulations in place that will stop the biggest polluters from their polluting ways. That means fuel efficiency standards for automobiles, that means limits and caps on the pollutants from the major industrial polluters and these are the steps we have laid out. We are going to bring them forward to the special committee and what we wish the other parties would do is stop dragging their feet there and get to work.

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