Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The map doesn't lie

Would have. Should have. Could have.
Truscott's still as guilty as he was fifty years ago.
To believe he's innocent, you have to buy the idea that he drove Lynn Harper up a gravel country road to a highway, where he dropped her off. Persons unknown travelling on the highway then picked her up, drove away and returned her to the very same gravel road, the one place that people would be looking for her. With Lake Huron not far away, wooded river valleys all over that part of the countryside, and a huge sandpit just up the road, Harper's killers return to murder her at the one place where searchers were bound to begin looking. And that's if you can get past all the testimony that shows Truscott wanted to take a girl -- any girl -- to that particular woodlot. The night's events involve Highway 8, Vanastra Road and the little streets about a mile south of the highway. That's the old Clinton airforce base. The murder happened on the east side of Vanastra Road between the river and the airbase school, which is in the group of small streets at the south end of Vanastra Road. Use the map and satellite settings to see how many accessible wooded places there are in the area for a body dump, and why it's ludicrous to think anyone would, after they picked up Lynn Harper at Vanastra Road and Highway 8, do anything but drive down the highway.


Anonymous said...

No mention anywhere yet of how many millions in compensation he will be seeking if he and his fans finally succeed in 'working the system'.

Ottawa Watch said...

Pretty unlikely that this will be anything like a fair hearing, since the defence strategy is to smear the actions of people who are long dead.
Forty years ago, when the case was still relatively fresh, nine justices of the Supreme Court of Canada took a long, hard look at Truscott and said he was a liar.