Monday, February 12, 2007

Pork, pork, pork...

Gilles Duceppe takes us to a place in Hog Heaven that I've never seen before: a scheme to make Montreal the site of a market for Kyoto carbon credit trading. Now, doesn't that sound like a whole new generation, an evolutionary leap, in federal-provincial hog farming? Here's Duceppe outside the Commons today:

In our motion, we are asking that the Kyoto targets be - that they should be recognized. We are asking for a territorial approach, we are asking for a trade market based in Montreal and so on. So we have to look at all of that, but I'm very happy that at least, that amount of money, they are giving it. It means that a minority government maybe is more sensible when questions like this happen.


nomdeblog said...

Maybe they can reopen Ben’s with the best Montreal smoked pork?

In a “lesser of evils” sense , I rather trade credits with Quebec than with Putin. At least we'd keep our pork at home ...I think?

Get well!

Anonymous said...

A world of sticky-fingered
liberals impatiently awaits
their serving of this dollar
dinner hot from the taxpayers'

Ottawa Watch said...

Nom, The Bloc wants Montreal to be the home of the world carbon credit market. It would be NGO heaven, Maurice Strong's every wet dream come true, with jobs for every Quebecrat.