Saturday, February 17, 2007

Steyn on climate change

Mark Steyn shows the science on climate change is not settled. Quite likely, there is climate change in many parts of the world. Is it man-made? How much will the climate change? Is it permanent? Can people adapt? Is transferring wealth to the third world, thereby increasing their demand for consumer goods and their ability to industrialize, the answer to whatever man-made climate change exists, or would the money be better spent on improving our own clean energy technology and infrastructure?

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nomdeblog said...

Ottawa Watch we simply don’t have a grasp on the facts. So would it be naive to think that a Parliamentary committee could choose a handful of some scientists and have them report to Parliament once a quarter? … tell us what is happening and make some recommendations.

Otherwise we have the problem of credibility and motivations. I’m convinced that the left is yelling “Suzuki Akbar” and going to get us killed economically. On the other hand the utopians have a legitimate argument that maybe the climate denier scientists are funded by Haliburton and Cheney.

So let’s have an open appointment process of scientists and have the taxpayer fund them and at least we’d get a view less motivated by external forces.