Wednesday, February 21, 2007

These stakes are too high

Quebec premier Jean Charest says the future of Quebec rides on this election. He claims the province will be ruined if the PQ take power. I agree that PQ governments are disasters for Quebec. I'd also make the point thta Robert Bourassa's policies were just about as bad. Quebec stagnated under Levesque, Bourassa and Parizeau, and has shown some signs of life under Charest. However, some day the Liberals will lose power. That's a fact of life in Quebec politics. In Charest's view, that means the end of Quebec as a province, a claim that, I think, is dangerous and probably self-fulfilling.


nomdeblog said...

If Charest was saying that about Dumont then I’d agree with you.

But for Charest to say that about the PQ; sure, I think he’s right. Plus you are also saying PQ’s are “ a disaster”.

Actually, I think the future of Canada does ride on this election because based on my admittedly small sample in core Toronto; a lot of otherwise calm urban professionals who have held their noses for decades on the separatist issue are now saying … let them go.

Because Canadians are so darned polite, the separatists have no idea how much they are loathed even amongst the wusses in Toronto.

Ottawa Watch said...

I think the "let them go" attitude exists everywhere in Canada except Quebec and the Ottawa bureaucracy. I doubt that will change. In fact, demography works against Quebec's chokehold on federal politics, and the knife-to-the-throat negotiation strategy, so well-played by Stephane Dion's father, Leon, wouldn't work the way it did twenty years ago.
Canadians have seen enough federation breakups -- the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia -- and the creation of semi-federal blocs like the EU to realize that a separate Quebec would not be a disaster for Canada, in the long run. In fact, it might well be the best thing that can happen.

Ottawa Watch said...

By the way, Dumon't support is like Green Party poll numbers. It's intriguingly high between elections, but on election day the votes just aren't there.

nomdeblog said...

I’m not close enough, so this is just a guess; we might be surprised this time with support for Dumont because it’s a way for voters to slide away from the PQ without “losing face” as the Chinese say.

I grew up in Quebec , have friends and relatives there, don’t want to see it go; paradoxically maybe the best way to hold the country together is to let Quebecers know , this time that they can go. Which is maybe what Harper’s de-centralization is about. .letting them go in slow motion. In that sense, I agree with you “it might be the best thing that can happen”.

Who’s Leon ? A furniture store owner? . . ;>)

Ottawa Watch said...

Leon Dion, Stephan's father, was a quebec professor and political apartchik credited with developing and perfecting Quebec's "knife to the throat" negotiating strategy during and after the Quiet Revolution.