Monday, February 05, 2007

Today's Dionspeak

Dion reacts to a UN report on climate change released last Friday:

Well, I think it will create an additional pressure on the government to do the right thing because the Kyoto commitment is an incentive to do the right thing, in order to have a momentum for 2012 and to go further for the environment and the economy because this is the future in which we will be. Carbon will be a constraint in the economy in which we are and Canada must be a winner in this.

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nomdeblog said...

These glib Dionspeak sound bytes are sounding more and more like Peter Sellers in the movie “Being There”. In that movie the main character Chauncey Gardner, a reclusive moron, almost becomes becomes President by his catchy glibness which is mis-interpreted as being intellectual.

If you Goggle the movie there are all kinds of cult followers that analyze it but one of the most appropriate quotes that might apply to Dion is “I like to watch”. Even more scary would be a Dion PM that actually followed through and did something.

Chauncey was frighteningly close to becoming President and Dion is too close to being PM for comfort.

All political junkies should have “Being There” in their library (DVD and the book), it’s fantastic satire and Sellers is magnificent.